Reader’s Mailbag:

Dear Ramek,

When will issue 2 finally be out? Will Aegeon ever be published monthly?

Roger Fragipan

Depending on the success of Issue 2, Aegeon may indeed move to a monthly publication.

Dear Ramek,

I am writing to congratulate you on the excellent 1st edition of Aegeon. I was very pleased to see a return to this type of publication. I was especially fond of some of the illustrations, as well as the design, although I found the font choice kind of odd.

Matt Scott

Thank you Matt. Ramek shall do his best to ensure that every issue has something to interest standard earth readers. You will try harder to enjoy the font, which pleases Ramek.
– Ramek

Ramek the Mighty,

As a fan of sci fi I am most happy to see someone reviving this genre. I agreed with your preface about the state of science fiction today. I thought the stories were good though I was not so much a fan of the ‘west coast ghost train’ story, which felt unfinished or hasty somehow.


Tidings, early-Kali midgardman. You are not the only one to claim that this story was among their least favourite, Luckily the enigmatic and rarely seen ‘Miguel Asterias’ is busy in the dimension of Mr. Jelly and cannot address your criticism with the murderous vengeance that I know he feels.

Personally I was fond of that story. But in all art, earthman, subjectivity plays its part.
– Ramek

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